Registration Requirements

All boats should be registered in the State of Tennessee. A bill of sale is required when transferring ownership in Tennessee. The Clerks Office will certify and validate the registration card for a fee of $5. Sales tax must be paid at the time of registration. Sales tax is based on the purchase price of the boat. Boats moved here from another State will have to pay taxes on the fair market value of the boat at the time it enters the state. To determine the fair market value, you may research the NADA Marine Appraisal Guide or visit the NADA website. Customer should keep (yellow) copy of receipt on board boat while in operation. This receipt is valid for 30 days. (if within 30 days you have not received your registration, call 1-615-781-6522). You then apply for your official registration numbers by mailing your registration and fees to the:
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
P.O. BOX 41729
NASHVILLE TN 37204-1729

Note: any Tennessee resident born after January 1, 1989 must have onboard the TWRA-issued wallet sized boating safety certificate when operating the vessel alone.

For Additional Information

For further information regarding boat registration, please visit TN Wildlife Resources Agency website or call (888) 871-3171.