Counseling for Sexual Assault Victims

Shelby County Rape Crisis Center (RCC) counselors are available to help victims and families manage the emotional impact of an assault. Our Master's level counselors are specially trained to help victims understand the complicated range of emotions that often follow a sexually violent assault. Many victims find that even brief counseling helps them feel better and enables them to get on with their lives sooner. All RCC counseling is free and confidential.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling focuses on cognitive-behavioral therapies to assist victims in processing their assault experience. Counseling outcomes are focused on reduction of trauma symptomatology, building positive coping skills, and integration of the sexual assault experience into the individual's overall life functioning. Each counseling session is typically 50 minutes in length. Clients may participate in up to 20 sessions. Treatment is flexible and individualized based on client needs. If more sessions are needed or other mental health concerns identified that are beyond the scope of RCC services, appropriate referrals will be made.

Support Groups

Support groups can help break through the isolation that is common among victims of sexual assault. The groups provide information about issues that victims frequently confront, and are designed to support and assist victims in developing and maintaining healthy ways to manage these issues. Group sessions are typically 1.5 hours and may be time limited or on-going. Individuals must complete an intake session with a counselor to determine if participation in the support group would be mutually beneficial for the individual as well as group members. RCC offers several support groups as the need and willingness to participate are identified.