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Oct 24

[ARCHIVED] Trauma Informed Environments Aide Healing

The original item was published from October 30, 2019 to October 24, 2019 9:06 AM

2019-10 cvrcc trauma informed environments2
Crime Victims & Rape Crisis Center
Trauma Informed Environments Aide Healing
Even little things can drastically affect a victim's experience and healing. The Crime Victims & Rape Crisis Center researched and creatively implemented trauma-informed design throughout the new building at 1060 Madison Avenue. This evidence-based approach takes into account clients’ experiences, feelings, and perceptions. Colors, shapes, and the overall feel of the physical environment are some of the factors used to provide a welcoming, peaceful, and safe environment for clients where support is increased and re-victimization is decreased. The overall theme is “calmness and unity.”  Celebrated by displays of calming colors (blues, greens, purples), the theme weaves all around with energizing colors (pinks, yellows, oranges) and art pieces that were created in collaboration by various staff members to promote unity within our team.

The vision was to provide a happy, fun, and entertaining space that would enable children to relax, play, and have a safe getaway while their parents fill out paperwork and wait to meet with their advocate/counselor.  Children have access to reading and coloring books, building blocks, stuffed animals, puzzles and much more. Although the area is mainly child-focused, it was also decorated with adults in mind. Soothing colors and artwork containing soothing patterns were some of the elements considered to make this space peaceful and safe for our adult clients.

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2019-10 cvrcc trauma informed environments