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Feb 28

Information Technology Serves the Community

Posted on February 28, 2020 at 12:11 PM by Janet Lo

2020-02- IT

Division of Community Services
Thank you ITS for Serving the Community

When approached by Shelby County Schools’ Division of College, Career, and Technical Education (CCTE) to request we participate as a ‘work-based learning site’ for their ‘2020 CCTE IT Day’ on January 30th, we knew that Shelby County’s Information Technology Services (ITS) team would be willing and ready to give back.  

Touring over 320 students city-wide, CCTE IT Day’s goal was to expose students to careers and strengthen SCS’ relationship with Memphis’ IT industry employers. After providing a brief overview of County government by Deputy Director Raushanah Morgan, Chief Information Officer John Halbert, Administrator Sandra Perry and the ITS team hosted, educated, and entertained eleven Central High School students about the comprehensive work that ITS does for the County. The ITS team, led by Troy White, enlightened them with career path advice about what they did, why they did it and how they arrived at County government. The students then toured the careers in action, led by Central High alums through IT departments to experience ‘live demo’ sessions.   

Many students were surprised by what they learned and also the team’s diversity; to continue learning, we encouraged them to apply for the Mayor’s Summer Youth program for an IT internship.  

As we work to introduce the next generation to County careers, we appreciate the unsung superheroes among County government within the ITS Division for giving their time and knowledge to these students.