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Where human needs and government intersect. The Division of Community Services promotes ongoing economic security and independence for the people of Shelby County. We do this by promoting, coordinating and delivering services that address the underlying conditions for well-being and justice. We strive to be a highly organized team and partner, dedicated to promoting a strong community where all people are able to reach their full potential.

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Jul 08

Fighting Food Insecurity

Posted on July 8, 2022 at 10:25 AM by Jessica Harris

Aging Commission of the Mid-South
Fighting Food Insecurity
Dr. Martin Luther King initiated the Poor People’s Campaign in November of 1967. Dr. King believed that African Americans and other minorities would not obtain full citizenship until they had economic security. He told leaders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference on March 15, 1968, “This is a highly significant event, the beginning of a new co-operation, understanding, and determination of poor people of all colors and backgrounds to assert and win their right to a decent life and respect for their culture and dignity."  Many services offered by the Aging Commission seek to offset the effect of poverty, particularly our home delivered meals and food box distribution. The Memphis metropolitan area has been identified as the area with the greatest level of senior food insecurity in the country.  We are inspired by Dr. King to change this circumstance for our community.