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Jul 08

Following the Data

Posted to Community Services News on July 8, 2022 at 11:08 AM by Jessica Harris

Community Engagement & Outreach

Following the Data
Outreach is focused on connecting the services and resources with the people who need them, and listening to and learning from residents to increase connections and improve services. The Office of Community Engagement & Outreach has been collecting data to best guide where we conduct our outreach efforts to best serve residents with the greatest needs. 

The Covid-19 Emergency Rent and Utility Assistance Program helps pay for past due rent and utility for those renters who've been financially impacted by Covid. By zooming in on residents with lower incomes, in Covid hotspots, and neighborhoods with high rates of eviction, we're able to best predict the residents who most need this assistance. We then track all of our outreach efforts, mapping out every time we lead or attend a meeting, a community fair, or drop off flyers. We do this tracking and mapping so we can identify areas with the greatest need and areas that have been underserved by outreach efforts. 

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