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Feb 28

Staff News - February 2020

Posted to Community Services News on February 28, 2020 at 11:57 AM by Janet Lo

Division of Community Services

Spread the Love

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Employee Ambassadors invited the Division to participate in the Valentine’s Day Selfie Booth. The mobile photo booth visited each department and welcomed them to #spreadthelove with their fellow employees. The purpose of this event was to increase employee engagement while also maintaining a fulfilling work environment. 

Director Dorcas Young Griffin and the Division Ambassadors also sent around popcorn Valentines to help spread the love. For more photobooth pictures, visit this link before it expires on March 5, 2020:


2020-02-Staff Go Red

2020-02 staff bday

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Jan 30

Staff News - January 2020

Posted to Community Services News on January 30, 2020 at 8:56 AM by Janet Lo

Division of Community Services

Care Like King: MLK Days of Service

staff news - mlk care dayThe Division of Community Services cares, and we CARE LIKE KING about the residents of Shelby County.   This year, we partnered with Leadership Memphis and United Way to offer our employees opportunities to participate in the MLK Days of Service.  We identified several programs and invited staff to join.

By volunteering just a few hours, Division staff could make a dramatic effect on the lives of Shelby County residents. The focus was on three projects: Joining students of LeMoye-Owen College and Soulsville residents for a neighborhood clean-up; Volunteering at the King Day at the National Civil Rights Museum; and tire removal at T.O. Fuller State Park. 

staff news - mlk 1 staff news - mlk 2

Welcome New Members of the Division Family

Staff news - LRobinson 001Lorann Robinson
Lorann Robinson is excited for the opportunity to work for Shelby County Government and CSA as a Clerical specialist processing applications for LIHEAP. She loves the mission of CSA and all that it offers to our community, giving hope to those that may be feeling hopeless. In her last job, she was a recruiter for a non-profit organization.  

staff news - DeJara Sanders 001DeJara Sanders
DeJara Sanders is a new Community Services Specialist, providing fiscal monitoring for CSA. She is results-oriented and brings us over ten years of accounting experience. She graduated from Strayer University with a Master’s Degree in accounting and is preparing herself to work towards a CPA and CMA. She is team player, self-motivator, and a self-starter.  

Staff news - MGrimmMitchell Grimm
Mitchell Grimm came to the County as a Paralegal from a Criminal Defense and Immigration law office. Mitchell is also a part-time student at Southwest Tennessee Community College majoring in Paralegal Studies. He is married with two daughters who both graduated from their respective universities this year.  His wife is a patent attorney, and is General Counsel for a Memphis-based agricultural company. They are both active in local charities and not-for-profit organizations, such as Room in the Inn, Project 20/20, and WEVL radio. Mitchell and his wife enjoy traveling and college sports.

And Congratulations to Lateshia McNeil and Kimberly Holmes on their permanent roles as Clerical Specialists! 

staff news - bdays jan 2020

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Dec 23

Staff News - December 2019

Posted to Community Services News on December 23, 2019 at 11:26 AM by Janet Lo

Working Towards Wellness - A Lifelong Season of Self-Care

The Division of Community Services cares.  It cares about the community it serves and its dedicated employees who provide those services.  Just as the airlines say “put on your mask before you help others,” we recognize the need to care for ourselves to be effective in caring for our community.  We want to support all employees as we continue to provide the best service possible to better the lives of residents in our community. Accordingly, please take part in the new self-care program for Division Staff:

The goal of our self-care program is to reduce stress and enhance our short and long term health and well-being. It is a preventative measure. Such a goal not only benefits our work lives, making us better and more productive and engaged employees, but it will boost our personal lives too.  While it may be challenging to add self-care to the already long list of things we have to do, we will find that engaging in self-care makes us better able to accomplish the tasks and face our challenges both at work and at home.

  Our self-care program rests on four cornerstones:


Activities and advice to help you make balanced and nourishing food choices to fuel your body, increase your well-being and ability to function at high levels. 

•   Nutritional Coaching

•   Recipe Shares

•   Cooking Classes


Activities and advice to help you stay fit and healthy, with the energy and strength to get through your daily activities at peak performance.  Aerobic exercises also help you to relieve stress and you might just get a little weight loss too!

•  Yoga

•   Self-Care At Your Chair activities

•   Ambassador Directed Workout Activities

•   Healthy Shelby Activities

•   Active and Fit benefits

Mindset/Motivation/Emotional Well-Being

Activities and advice to help you manage stress, promote resiliency, build new attitudes and see beyond the day to day. 

•   Meditation

•   EAP - Lunch and Learn

•   Volunteer Opportunities

•   Motivational Moments


Activities and advice to provide a mental break from your day to day routine so that you can return refreshed and renewed. 

•   Massage Services

•   Tea Party

There are other components of self-care, like spiritual well-bring, emotional support and healthy relationships. You will be encouraged to consider all of the components to create a self-care that works best for you.  

Throughout the year, we will encourage you to care for yourself and we will provide tools to help you do so, whether it be an organized activity, a motivational moment, or a reminder of services that are available to you.  You are encouraged to take from the program what works in your life and add to it where you see fit.  They key is to find what works for you and to be consistent.  Our program is designed to keep you on the path to wellness, giving you gentle nudges and reminders to care for yourself, BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!

EAP CURRENT WELLNESS SEMINARS: “Thriving through the Holidays” and “Work Life Balance” 

2019-12 STAFF tea party

2019-12 STAFF Rolanda EatmonRolanda Eatmon
is the new Finance Administrator for the Division of Community Services. She holds an MBA with Honors from Webster University. She is also a proud alumni from our local HBCU LeMoyne-Owen College. Along with 15 years of working experience, Rolanda’s previous experience includes Fiscal & Contracts Manager with Workforce Investment Network and Senior Investment Analyst with the City of Memphis Finance Department. Rolanda is a believer of having a strong work ethic and enjoying time with her family. Rolanda is married to James Eatmon, owner of King of King’s Bar-b-que. She is also the proud mother of Jonah, Vivian, and James.

2019-12 STAFF Dec bdays

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