Who gets pertussis?
Persons of any age can get pertussis, however, young infants are at greatest danger of getting the disease and suffer the most serious complications. In the past, most cases occurred in children less than 5 years of age. Recently, more cases are also being reported among adolescents and adults. Pertussis most often affects persons without any pertussis vaccination, those persons with incomplete vaccinations, and those older persons who were previously immunized as children.

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1. What is pertussis?
2. Who gets pertussis?
3. How is pertussis spread?
4. What are the symptoms of pertussis?
5. How soon do symptoms occur?
6. How is pertussis diagnosed?
7. What is the treatment for pertussis?
8. How long is an infected person infectious to others?
9. Should an infected person be excluded from work or school?
10. How can pertussis be prevented?
11. Are there any side effects to the pertussis vaccine?