Are juvenile cases and records confidential?
Yes. Juvenile records are protected and available only to those directly involved in the case.

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1. What's the difference between other Judicial Courts and the Juvenile Court?
2. How is "juvenile" defined in Tennessee?
3. At what age can a minor be prosecuted as an adult for the commission of a crime?
4. Are juvenile cases and records confidential?
5. What are the legal rights of parents in juvenile cases?
6. What are restitution payments?
7. What can the Juvenile Justice system do to help kids before they have problems?
8. What happens if my child is found guilty of a crime?
9. Will he go to jail?
10. Can Juvenile cases and records be expunged?
11. How do I find out when my child is going to court?
12. How do I handle my child who is not obeying the rules of probation?
13. May I bring my child to Juvenile Court and drop them off?
14. How do I locate a mental health or substance abuse provider?
15. If I live in Shelby County, where do I go to get assistance with my unruly child?