How do I get emergency housing assistance?

The Shelby County Department of Housing does not provide emergency housing assistance. 

Contact Metropolitan Interfaith Association (MIFA) to inquire about the following programs:

Emergency Services- assists seniors on fixed incomes and the working poor who have experienced temporary crisis with rent, mortgage payments, utilities, and food. 

Phone: (901) 527-0226

Emergency Shelter Placement- helps families with minor children secure temporary shelter if homelessness cannot be avoided through mediation. 

Phone: (901) 529-4522

Homeless Hotline- 24-hour hotline helps connect homeless families with minor children in Memphis and Shelby County to shelter. 

Phone: (901) 529-4545

Rapid Rehousing- helps eligible homeless families quickly obtain permanent stable housing. 

Phone: (901) 529-4524

Contact the Memphis Fair Housing Center to inquire about other emergency housing services at (901) 432-4663.

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